JP’s World Famous Whiskey Pancake Syrup

WPS Boozetique [800x600]
Get yer’ flapjacks on!

Hammer Spring Distillers
“JP’s World Famous Whiskey Pancake Syrup”.
A delicious, 4 percent a.b.v. syrup made with real American Bourbon Whiskey.  It goes absolutely great over pancakes, waffles, or if that’s not your thing, just drizzle some over a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a unique, grown-up dessert treat! This sweet bottle of wonderful contains no high fructose corn syrup.

The Whiskey Pancake Syrup project began nearly a decade ago at a large, annual art festival held in the Nevada desert.  The Hammer Spring founders showed their appreciation for their friends, and medical and first-responder volunteers by hosting a pancake breakfast each year, creating and honing the recipe for this whiskey-based syrup.

Available now at Boozetique, and coming soon to other shops in the Salt Lake Valley.  Available soon at the Hammer Spring Distillers store-front, along with other delicious spirits and liqueurs.

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