Hammer Spring Gin

Hammer Spring Gin

The very essence and spirit of the Utah wilderness is captured in each bottle of Hammer Spring Gin. With subtle hints of mountain sage and the “life of all gin”; juniper, this is a drink to remember all of those fantastic outdoor adventures you have had. These delicate botanicals work together to create a high quality and well-crafted spirit.

Nothing looks quite as enticing as watching that clear, perfect liquid cascade down the ice in your glass and settle perfectly at the bottom of it. The taste is as crisp and refreshing as a dip in a cool mountain creek. This is a wonderful beverage to share with family and friends on special occasions or just casual get-togethers. Make your next gathering a celebration!

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Hammer Spring Potato Vodka

Potato Vodka

The rugged pioneer spirit is one of the main things that built the state of Utah. That is why we are especially proud to be the only potato vodka distillers in the entire state. We take this responsibility seriously as we know that everyone around us wants a more engaging and fuller traditional vodka is going to want Hammer Spring Potato Vodka.

A perfect companion to numerous cocktails from martinis to Bloody Marys to tropical beverages, this spirit can be enjoyed whether winding down for the day or charging up for the night. This is a true farm to glass spirit crafted from only the finest and most all-natural ingredients. For those who like their vodka the way nature intended.

    Hidden Vodka

    Hidden Vodka

    Our grain-based offering has a must know back story to it. At Hammer Spring Distillers, we wholeheartedly believe in helping others. One particular cause in which we are very connected is fighting to end human trafficking, a barbaric organized crime activity. To that end, a percentage of all sales of Hidden Vodka are donated to local and national organizations that help the struggle to end this practice, as well as offer further assistance to survivors.

    We partner with local growers and suppliers to get the freshest ingredients at the best prices, making it possible to help these worthwhile causes. And whenever you purchase a bottle of our farm to glass creation, you are helping as well. It also makes an excellent gift for a family member or friend as you are also giving the gift of charity.

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