About Us

At Hammer Spring Distillers, we take our position in the local community very seriously. In fact, other than our mission to create the finest quality liqueurs and spirits, we believe our most important goal is to give back to that community and contribute whatever we can to help sustain and increase its growth. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to invest our profits back into the local economy and region. This helps our fellow businesses in not only the area, but also its residents as well.

About Our Products
Passion and commitment are two of the characteristics that drive the team here at Hammer Springs Distillers. And one of the ways we demonstrate this is by offering the ONLY potato vodka crafted in the state! This seasonal product is made from fresh, whole, local Utah potatoes, which we peel, scrub, and grind into a fine pulp, then ferment, distill, and bottle right here on site. This creates a true neutral spirit of 190+ proof from our very own copper fractioning column. The result is a uniquely and exclusively genuine, locally-sourced, farm-to-glass, traditional vodka from Utah. Our gin is also something that stands out among its competition as well. A snap of fresh mountain air is captured in every bottle through the Juniper, Mountain Sage, and the half dozen other botanicals and all-natural herbs of which it is made. Our Perky Cowgirl coffee liqueur is a local favorite, which is as one-of-a-kind and quirky as we are! Hand made in small batches and sold in flip-top bottles, which are re-usable, this tasty treat is as versatile as it is carefully crafted. It can be enjoyed in a number of different cocktails, as an ice cream topping, or even on its own. The whiskey pancake syrup came about almost by happenstance and is now one of our most beloved products. But the Social Impact project, which is associated with our “HIDDEN Vodka” is probably the most personal and important aspect of what we do here. A portion of each sale from every bottle is given to various organizations that help fight human trafficking both locally and globally.

About Our Business Philosophy
One look through our website and at our product listings will give you a pretty good idea about what our business is all about here at Hammer Springs Distillers. We are a local company that believes in sourcing every ingredient and component of each of our products whenever possible. We believe in looking out for our entire business and residential community, not just our own interests and profits. We believe that it takes an entire team or, more appropriately, a family to make all of the things happen that it takes to operate a successful distillery. We promote a positive, forward-thinking philosophy in everything we do here. Our workplace is an environment of acceptance and inclusion of all people, employees, and customers alike. Only by working together and allowing everyone to be themselves can we continue to serve our customers and our local community alike.

About Our Human Philosophy
Everything else that we say and do here at Hammer Springs Distillers would have very little meaning if we didn’t also dedicate our time, energy, and resources to offering something helpful and charitable back to our community and others across the globe. This doesn’t mean just using locally sourced products and materials. For us, this goes far beyond that. If you have taken the time to browse through our website, you have no doubt become aware of our undying passion and efforts regarding the scourge that is human trafficking. So many times, we delude ourselves by thinking that slavery is a thing of the past and no longer a legitimate activity in the modern-day, but that is simply not true. In fact, there are more people being illegally trafficked and bought and sold today than there were at the height of the slave trade hundreds of years ago. This is a problem that is not going away without a serious fight. We here have committed to continuing that fight and helping to end this nightmare anyway that we can. We encourage you to join us in this ongoing struggle.

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