About Us

Giving back to our community is a tremendous priority for Hammer Spring; second only to distilling the finest quality spirits and liqueurs. Hammer Spring has a passion like no other which we demonstrate by bringing you the ONLY potato vodka distilled in Utah! Made seasonally from fresh, whole, Utah potatoes, fermented right here at the distillery and distilled to premium 190+ proof (true neutral spirit) on our own copper fractioning column. This vodka is one of the most unique and legitimate, local-centric, farm-to-glass product that there is in Utah.Our gin is a fresh breath of mountain air that calls to mind a high-mountain desert alive with Juniper, Mountain Sage and 6 other all natural herbs and botanicals.The “Perky Cowgirl” coffee liqueur is as unique as we are! A true, sweet liqueur made from locally roasted, fair-trade coffee beans. Small batch, hand made and sold in re-usable flip-top bottles, this espresso forward treat plays nicely with a variety of cocktails, over ice cream, or just on its own.The Social Impact project we named “HIDDEN Vodka” gives back a portion of each sale of HIDDEN Vodka to organizations that help fight the local, and global problem of human trafficking. As we grow, Hammer Spring looks forwards to discovering new ways of investing our profits in our local community as well as helping others in need wherever they may be.

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