Hammer Spring Gin

Captures the essence of Utah wilderness in a bottle with hints of juniper and mountain sage.

Hidden Vodka

A portion of each sale of HIDDEN Vodka is donated to non-profit organizations which help fight human trafficking.

Hammer Spring Potato Vodka

Utah's only locally produced potato vodka. See what you've been missing with grain based vodka.

Comfortably located in Salt Lake City, Utah is a unique craft spirits distillery and boutique, which is very popular among the locals, as well as many travelers. Known for a number of specialties and one of a kind creations such as craft distilled gin, a sweet and delicious whiskey pancake syrup, coffee liqueur, and of course, its specialty; Utah’s only distilled potato vodka.

Tasting Room & Tours

Guest tours and tasting options offer a wonderful opportunity for the spirits enthusiast to get an inside look at the way our distillery operates. It is a fascinating process, the way different alcohol is produced and refined. But not only is it informative and educational, but it is also a great time! Sample various options available here at Hammer Springs, including surprising new unveilings and debuts.

Cocktail Recipes

Finely crafted spirits are the perfect accompaniment to any cocktail. They can also pair very well with certain meals or culinary specialties. There are a number of very popular and easy to mix concoctions that can create anything from sweet and salty to tropical. One example is the standard of gin drinks; The Gin and Tonic. Simply mix one pt. Hammer Spring Gin, one pt. Tonic, and add a twist of lime. It’s crisp and refreshing and perfect for any occasion.


Whether visiting the distillery in-person or online, you can show your support for our business and score some awesome gear at the same time! From bumper stickers to hats to t-shirts, we got you covered.


In addition to the guided tours and tasting events, Hammer Spring also offers other activities that we welcome our customers and friends to join us in. And not only that but we also have regular announcements about when you can drop by and sample our products.
Who We Are:
Much more important than what we do and what we offer is who we actually are. The real story of a business or organization of any kind is always told by who their employees and coworkers are. Having a healthy and welcoming work atmosphere is essential for being the best at anything.

We are husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and every other kind of relationship you can imagine. We all have people that we love and care about and who love and care about us. These are the people that we get up and go to work for every day, although it is tough to call the best job in the world “work”!

Friends and Neighbors
To not only our coworkers and fellow employees (who we really consider family, anyway) but to all of our customers and business associates, vendors, and everyone else that plays a role in our success, we consider ourselves to be their neighbors and friends. It’s nice in today’s online and electronically-based marketplace to still take the time to do face to face business.

Human Beings
This is something that we all have to work together to help spread to others. Not just an idea or a fleeting thought, but creating a genuine philosophy about caring for others. Having compassion and empathy for people isn’t a movement or a trend; it’s something that comes from within.

Here at Hammer Springs Distillers, we work continuously to help end the horror that is human trafficking, as well as to offer any assistance possible to those who are survivors of this terrible criminal practice.

We listed this one last because, in truth, that’s where it belongs. Being family, friends, and neighbors, and human beings are all more important. But this is something we do not only do as a business but as a passion. We love what we do. For thousands of years, people have enjoyed finely crafted spirits all over the world, and nearly every culture dating back millennia have had their own unique fermenting and brewing processes.

They are the refreshments at nearly every celebration and joyous occasion. They complement the flavors and experience of certain dishes. They relax you after a long day. And they can help to make any good time, a great time. So what we do, we do with great pride and satisfaction.